Look forward to seeing you at this year’s harvest. Come and discover an amazing hidden orchard on Ashby Road (just down from the Epinal Way roundabout) on Wednesday lunchtime and take home as many apples as you like,  Bake Off apples available across campus from 18 October (see locations below). Prizes include the much in demand campus honey, fruit routes t-shirts, vouchers and other goodies. Why not come for an early morning run/jog across campus exploring the wild and orchard fruits on campus followed by a delicious fruity breakfast prepared by BomBom Patisserie.

SPECIAL NOTE: we loved having music (mbira and accordian) at our summer event and are exploring creating a harvest scratch band to play at the Harvest event. If you play an instrument and are interested in finding out more please get in touch mail@amculhane.co.uk


Click the link below to download pdf of the flyer: