We have created two days of events on Friday 10th & Satuday 11 June to celebrate summer on Fruit Routes including our first ever Fruit Routes renga – an unique creative writing experience for absolute beginners and experienced writers.

To find out more or book a place for the renga click here

These events are part of a weekend of gardens, growing and creativity in Loughborough. Three local gardens are open to the public for the National Gardens Scheme (NGS), there’s a Secret Craft Fair on Herrick Road as well as other campus activity at LAGS.  See www.thesecateur.com for more information and also LAGS flyer at the bottom of this post.

Below the flyer is information on how to get to fruit routes if you haven’t visited before. Also, some exciting developments are afoot with Charnwood  Council, Transition Loughborough and the local community …keep an eye on the blog for more news…


LAGS Open afternoon

Saturday, 11th June 1, 2016  At the Shed, behind car park 5

While there is the Fruit Route weekend on campus (10th & 11th June) and the Open Gardens events in Herrick Road (11th & 12th June), let’s also get together –

  • at the Shed on Saturday, 11th June
  • from around 1pm

We can celebrate the end of the semester and what we have done in the LAGS garden this year.Help to spread the word among your friends – everyone is invited.

We have lots of spare plants in the tunnel – herbs, flowers, tomatoes, pumpkins etc., and everyone is welcome to come and swap plants or just take them away.

We can prepare some refreshments: tea & coffee, rhubarb cake, scones, bread and jam etc. If people are interested, we could also do a BBQ later in the day.


Getting to Fruit Routes

We are located on the Loughborough University Campus in the West part of the campus virtually opposite the Pilkington Library.

By foot or bike:

There are various ways on to the campus. The nearest entrance to Fruit Routes is from Coniston Crescent. See campus map here

By train:

Hop on a Kinch Sprint Bus at the train station which will take you to the Loughborough University Campus and get off at Pilkington Library.

By car:

You can enter the campus either at the West entrance, off Ashby Road or the main entrance, off Epinal Way. You will need to report in to the security desk at the entrance barriers. Inform them that you are coming to a Fruit Routes event and you need to get to the Pilkington Library. They will be able to give you a parking permit and direct you along the main University Road to a car park opposite the Pilkinton Library.

There is also the option to skate, scoot, roller skate or run!

The Barefoot Orchard, where we start many of our events and activities is right next to the Pilkington Library car park. There is a small meterological station in the middle of the orchard.

If you have any problems please call this number : 07849073394


The Fruit Routes does run along grassy paths as well as ashphalt paths. A small section of the path involves descending a small slope and a flight of steps. If you have any questions about accessibility please contact us.