We successfully planted 6 cherries at the front of School of the Arts and another 22 mixed (damsons, almond, apple, plum, greengage) with two enthusiastic teams of volunteers on the main Fruit Route. Many of the planters then took part in a workshops with Walt Shaw where they learnt how to play in different ways on a number of gongs from around the world and made from recycled objects. We then braved the cold to perform a group gong ceremony in the newly planted orchards. The gongs worked fantastically outdoors, dissipating and focusing sounds at different times. As part of the event the Wasail bowl from Exeter was passed around the performers filled with mulled apple juice. (see Exeter blog for more on the making of the bowl).  The Barefoot Orchard now numbers 58 trees with 129 new trees so far since 2012. I am looking forward to the Spring blossom. Please send any pics..