On 11 February, we will be adding around 30 new trees to the existing Fruit Route, planting 6 cherries at the School of the Arts and celebrating the new plantings with Walt Shaw – the gong man in performances which you can be part of.

Come along and put in the last trees to mark the completion of the first Fruit Route at Loughborough from 12.30pm at the Barefoot Orchard. Wear warm clothes and sturdy shoes!

You are invited to help Walt wake up the fruit trees by playing with him on a series of home made and unusual metal percussion instruments, mainly gongs from around the world in a twist on the tradition of wassail*

*A Wassail dates back to Anglo Saxon times where Fruit Trees were waken up early in the year by loud noises (often pots and pans), singing and cider drinking in order to bless the trees and chase evil spirits away from the orchard in the hope of a good harvest the following year. See Campus Almanac blog for my new Wassail commission at Exeter University and some more on Wassail!

You do not need any musical experience to take part. The main performance is at 4pm with a rehearsal from 2.45-3.45 (indoors venue tbc). For both the performance and workshop meet at the Barefoot Orchard (by the Metereological Station, opposite the Pilkington Library). An additional taster performance will take place at School of the Arts, Epinal Way (see flyer)

Here is a link to Walt’s work. Walt loves experimenting with percussion, responding to sites and working with people of all ages and levels of experience to make sound. We are delighted and honoured that he can come and help us Wake Up the Trees.

Experience this unique celebration at 4pm at the Barefoot Orchard (west campus, almost opposite Pilkington Library) and stay warm with some mulled apple juice. All are welcome.  Please contact me if you require any further information or to let us know you are coming.