Homing apples are being found on campus in diverse locations complete with Paddington-like labels. And we have been sent pictures of them in the locations they were found by text. Here are some of them that have arrived so far. Keep a look out. There may be more. (see also lost and found apples post)

Message: ‘I found your apple! love shelley’

Message: ‘APPLE!’

Mmmm so tasty. I love mysterious fruit. RUDE

Yum Yum

no message

Other messages that have come in include:

Where did you find me:

Hi I found your apple outside the shops on Derwent Drive!

Loughborough University. Football Field near Pilkington…

I found you! In fine art reception

The little happy apple has arrived in the mailroom 🙂

Love the fruit treasure hunt. I found u near fuel gallery cafe

What was your first thought on finding this apple?

First Love

Spot on Duck x

Thnx for Apple, Fruit Routes. Saim crest

Nice of you to feed the wasps

Free Food! Also suprised that such a sociable pear doesnt use twitter or fb…

Nice Pear